26.05.2021 Website now online: International project INCOPS

Model Photo: Colourbox.de

Integration of Work-based Learning in Peace, Conflict and Security Studies (INCOPS)

The project aims at developing a comprehensive and systematic approach to overcome existing limitations of the integration of practical experiences into university curricula. Especially Peace, Conflicts and Security Studies (PCS) curricula often require that students gain practical experiences (e.g. internships). Students are also often engaged in relevant extra-curricular voluntary work. However, these Work-based Learning (WBL) activities are rarely fully integrated or evaluated in study programmes.

INCOPS brings together six Universities with PCS programmes from Canterbury (UK), Cluj (RO), Coimbra (P), Coventry (UK), Marburg (D) and Utrecht (NL) that are taking on the challenge to close the gap between theory and the training of analytical skills on the one hand and practical experiences, which students gain at workplaces and during internships, on the other hand. It will develop and apply a tailored concept of the Work-based Learning (WBL) approach to systematically integrate theory and practice in university teaching and curriculum development with a particular focus on the role of internships and voluntary work.

Find out more about the aims and achievements of INCOPS, as well as information on upcoming events and regular reports on the new project website.