06.01.2021 Welcome Ariadna Petri, guest researcher from Romania/Spain

Pazit Oz

We are pleased to welcome Ariadna Petri from Romania, Spain and Israel/Palestinian Territories in Marburg. Ariadna is a conflict resolution and security researcher, analyst, consultant and lecturer to the Center. Currently she is a PhD Candidate in Conflict Resolution at Complutense University, Madrid. Her DAAD Fellowship in the Center for Conflict Studies of the Philipps-Universität Marburg, and her Europaeum Fellowship from Oxford University articulate her research across the whole spectrum from theoretical research, through policy making and into practice.

Previously, Ariadna held researcher and lecturer appointments at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, Israeli Institute for National Security Studies, A.I.Cuza University, Bard College and Al-Quds University.

Her doctoral thesis analyses the agency of second track negotiators in feeding the peace industry in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She specifically looks at what profiles of negotiators and which designs of negotiation activities have produced accords that stand a better chance to be implemented. Additionally, given the poor rate of implementation of accords, she examines why the transfer of results has not been more effective both vertically, towards other negotiation tracks and horizontally, across parallel peacebuilding activities.

This thesis has a strong practical spine and offers solutions for designing more efficient conflict resolution activities. The Grounded Theory method employed uses 28 interviews with practitioners to plot their learnings and elements of Foucault’s microphysics of power against Wandt’s agency-structure axes.

Ariadna’s vision for building solutions for communities with high-potential for growth led her to found and manage 10 training programs for leaders, teachers and youth, that helped over 480 young professionals from 32 countries across the EU and Middle East to catalyse their professional and personal development and skills.

Ariadna enjoys building partnerships utilizing tech-for-impact and led international strategy and fundraising of €4 million for social impact projects with various teams, such as the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel. In her leisure time she writes poetry, kite-surfs and hikes any mountain she comes across.