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Liaison Office Cairo

In 2009, the CNMS of Marburg University founded a liaison office in Cairo with the aim of providing Marburg students and scientists with a local contact. The liaison office sits in a beautiful villa i Zamalek, which also houses the DAAD.

Our representative in Cairo is Mrs. Irene El-Khorazaty. As a former DAAD-Cairo employee, she maintains good relations with Egyptian universities and other academic institutions. She will provide useful practical tips for living, working and studying in Cairo for students and staff of the CNMS.

The DAAD initiative COSIMENA (Clusters of Scientific Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa) offers expertise and exchange in various fields of science, technology and research with the aim to intensify cooperation and partnership between Germany and countries of the MENA region. Marburg University is a cooperation partner of this initiative, in close cooperation with the DAAD and the Cairo  offices of the TU Munich, the TU Berlin, the FU Berlin, the Fraunhofer Society, the Orient Institute Beirut, the Humboldt Foundation and the Central Office for Schools Abroad.

COSIMENA organizes interdisciplinary events on current topics in science and innovation such as workshops, conferences, round-table discussions, the German Science Day, the Science Night and summer schools. Activities focus primarily on water, health, urban development, energy and the economy, and more recently also agriculture and cultural heritage. In addition, COSIMENA offers information and material on German research and development as well as current research news from Germany and MENA countries.

A personal consultation is possible at any time. The branch also hosts numerous events, some of which are open to the public.

Useful information for students about the Wafedin scholarship of the Egyptian government and other scholarship opportunities for German students taking up studies abroad:

Mrs. Irene El-Khorazaty
UMR Cairo Office, 11,
Saleh Ayoub, Zamalek,
Cairo, Egypt
Phone: 0020 2 2735 27 26 26 ext. 122
Mobile: 0020 12 2949 9445
Fax: 0020 2 2738 4136