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The Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies offers PhD possibilities in all fields of specialization. Interested candidates are required to contact the supervisor directly, usually the head of the department.

For information on how to obtain a German doctoral degree (Dr. Phil.) in general, please refer to the university’s general website.

Although PhD theses may be submitted in English, good working knowledge of German is considered indispensable for fruitful academic discussion and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas.

According to the different main disciplines of the Center, the PhD regulations vary by subject. For the following areas, the PhD regulations as set by the Faculty for Foreign Languages and Literatures (FB10) apply:

  • Ancient Near East Studies
  • Arab Studies
  • Iranian Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Semitic Studies

For Middle Eastern Politics, the PhD regulations as set by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy (FB03) apply.

For Middle Eastern Economics, the PhD regulations as set by the School of Business and Economics (FB02) apply.