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Advising For Students Minoring In Law

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The Advising Office For Minors handles all concerns of students majoring in other departments and also taking courses in Department Fb01 (School of Law).

In many degree programs, it is possible to incorporate law courses into your own study plan. On these pages you will find general information and assistance that applies to all degree programs. In addition, you will also find special information, in particular program and examination regulations, arranged by intended degree.

If you have individual questions, please contact the departmental student adviser.

Information for students in bachelor and master degree programs:

List of export modules of the School of Law

Contact person:

Mr. Aykin Kalafatas

Philipps-Universität Marburg
School of Law
Universitätsstraße 7
35032 Marburg (Lahn)
Landgrafenhaus, Room 007

Tel.: 0 64 21 / 28 - 2 32 10
Fax : 0 64 21 / 28 - 2 31 81