15.04.2022 Study "Fund Manager Narcissism" picked up by US financial platform MarketWatch

Photo: MarketWatch

Our recent study "Fund Manager Narcissism" was picked up in the "Retirement Opinion" section of the popular US financial platform MarketWatch and mentioned by journalist Brett Arends. In the study, Anna-Lena Bauer, Dominik Scheld and Oscar Stolper document the influence of narcissism on fund management.
The study focuses on three central findings.

  1. Narcissism is widespread among fund managers (even more so than among CEOs).
  2. Narcissistic fund managers generate significantly lower risk-adjusted returns in the funds they manage compared to the market.
  3. Narcissistic fund managers often deviate from the investment style advertised in the fund's prospectus and instead pursue their own agenda.

We thank Brett Arends for presenting our study results to interested investors and market participants.

You can find the MarketWatch column here.