15.11.2021 Entrepreneurial Finance: Guest Lectures MAFEX and MEDICALS

We are looking forward to exciting guest lectures in the module Entrepreneurial Finance

Julian Winter and Björn Langenberg are start-up advisors at MAFEX. MAFEX is part of the University of Marburg and supports founders in their start-up projects.

Eraj Shojai is founder and CEO of eMedicals. The R&D start-up is a global pioneer in the field of digital nutrition therapy for patients with chronic kidney disease. The start-up is supported by the Hessian research funding program LOEW.

When? Monday, Nov. 8, 2021, 2 p.m. 

Where? University Street 7, Landgrafenhaus (+2/0090)

Even people who do not take the Entrepreneurial Finance module are welcome to participate!