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Cooperation partners

Our network consists of successful companies and institutions with whom we have a periodical exchange of knowledge. The exchange with our knowledge network takes place in form of guest lectures, seminars, workshops or joint research projects.

Some of the companies of our network:

Übersicht der Kooperationspartner des Lehrstuhls
Sina Schönborn

The following guest speakers gave lectures at the University of Marburg or collaborated in seminars with the chair of Strategic and International Management:

  • Dr. W. Henning Blarr, Stern Stewart & Co.
  • Andreas Dauer, Hoppe AG
  • Dominique Ehler, Siemens AG
  • Bert Förster, Roland Berger
  • Dirk Graber, Mr. Spex
  • Dr. Christian Gruß, DB Netze AG 
  • Andreas Hönl, McKinsey & Company
  • Dr. Marcus Kuhnert, Merck KGaA
  • Dr. Jutta Miksche, Bilfinger SE
  • Armin Raffalski, goetzpartners Management Consultants
  • Christin Roth-Jäger, Roth Industries
  • Stefan Rösler, Crafted Coding und SAP
  • Burkard Schwenker, Roland Berger
  • Tobias Zimmer, Coffee Bike GmbH