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Lecture Macroeconomics II

  • Course Information

    WS 2021/22
    2 SWS, ECTS-Points: 6
    Hayo, Bernd
    Time and Room:
    Tuesday, 14 pm to 16 pm, Audimax

    The lecture part of the module is complemented by a tutorial.
    Course language is English.

  • Objectives

    This lecture introduces students to key topics in macroeconomics from both a theoretical and policy perspective. Macroeconomics is concerned with explaining economic aggregates or ‘sectors’, such as government, households, and firms.

    This module presents important issues in macroeconomics and provides students with potential explanations and solutions. Students examine important policy issues in macroeconomics and get familiar with basic analytical tools in macroeconomics. A macroeconomic perspective is helpful for many vocational fields.

  • Content

    The lectures ‘Makroökonomik I’ and Macroeconomics II give a systematic overview about important macroeconomic subjects by covering business cycles, economic growth, unemployment, inflation, stabilisation policy, sovereign debt, and international economic relationships. The lecture provides a rigorous theoretical treatment using comparative-static and dynamic methods. A special emphasis of the lecture is on linking macroeconomic theory with empirical evidence.

    We recommend taking the course only after successfully completing “Grundlagen der Mathematik” and “Makroökonomie I”.

  • Syllabus

    I. Business Cycle Theory
    1. The Open Economy
    Excursus: Analytical Analysis
    2. Aggregate Supply

    II. Macroeconomic Policy Debates
    1. Stabilisation Policy
    2. Government Debt
    3. Unemployment

    III. Microeconomic Foundations
    1. Consumption
    2. New Business Cycle Theory

  • Literature

    Main text:
    Mankiw, N.G. (2009), Macroeconomics, 7th edition, New York: Worth Publishers.

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  • Evaluation