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Useful hints

You will receive basic information about our exams in an appropriate time before the end of the lecture period in the respective courses, so that you can benefit from our instructions in your preparations for the exam.

In preparation, a look at past exams can be helpful:

Ausländische Studierende am PC
Foto: Felix Wesch

Mikroökonomie 1
Mock exam
Mikroökonomie 2
WS11/12 (first date)

Theoretical Institutional Economics

You can find the password for the exams at our bill-board - telephone or written inquiries will not be answered.
The password is valid for all exams of the chair of Microeconomics and is therefore not identical to the Ilias password.

How to review your exams

After all exams have been corrected and the grades have been submitted to the examination office, you will be given the opportunity to review your exam. Please note that for organizational reasons, the inspection is only possible by registering to the communicated inspection dates.
You are prevented at the appointment? That's no problem - you can also review your exam at a later inspection date. We offer you an inspection session after each exam phase.