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Extraordinary Exams

In accordance with § 30(4) of the Examination Rules of 29 August 2011, 1 February 2017 and 30 August 2017, students have the option of requesting an extraordinary examination from the Examination Board once the student is within 12 credits of completing the programme, i.e. if the student has earned 168 credits for Bachelor's programmes or 108 credits in Master's programmes. Extraordinary examinations are only available on the student's final attempt to repeat the examination. Extraordinary examinations can only be approved by the examination board for the relevant programme. 

Extraordinary examinations offered in the winter semester must be taken by 15 December at the latest. Extraordinary examinations offered in the summer semester must be taken by 15 May at the latest. The request made be made in a timely manner so that a date can be arranged in advance (these periods only apply for examinations which are offered at the end of the semester). The extraordinary examination may be a written examination. 

In case of study abroad which demonstrably begins prior to the written examination period of the School of Business and Economics, the offering of extraordinary examinations is subject to the discretion of the examiner. The date on which the study abroad begins should be documented. Students who are planning to go abroad should contact their examiners at the beginning of the semester if possible.