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You are writing your Master thesis during the corona crisis?

Due to the closure of many shops, homework papers and final theses can no longer be printed or bound. Therefore, for the time being, it is possible to submit these as PDFs by mail, addressed to the examination office, regardless of the examination regulations. Pages that require a signature should be printed out, signed accordingly and then either be scanned or photographed. Please attach these signed pages along with your PDF theses. 

The Presidential Board has decided that all submission deadlines for theses with individual deadlines set for 16.03.2020 or later will be extended by 21 days. This will compensate for the reduced services provided by the libraries and for delays caused by contact-reducing measures.

If the admission to the thesis requires the exams that have now been skipped, this requirement will be waived in the coming summer and winter semesters, as long as you were registered for these examinations in the resit period of WS 2019/20.

Students who were supposed to complete their studies in the WS 2019/20 do not necessarily have to enroll for the SS 2020. The resit exams will belong to the WS 2019/20.

General Information

Students are advised to obtain information about registering for their Bachelor's or Master's theses at an early date. Deadlines and recommendations from the various working groups may have to be taken into account, depending on the subject in which the thesis is to be supervised. 

The application for admission to the thesis module should be completed about 14 days prior to the desired start date, signed by the first reviewer and submitted to the Examinations Office. The topic of the thesis is assigned by the first reviewer. A copy of the "topic assignment" form is then to be submitted to the Examinations Office, indicating the date of submission.

The paper is to be submitted to the Examinations Office in a timely manner, in duplicate, and in electronic form as well. The digital version can also be sent by e-mail. If sent by post, the postmark date is the date of submission. The grade is entered into the student's online records as soon as the reviews have been completed. The reviews may be viewed in the Examinations Office. 

To take examinations, students must be matriculated at the time the thesis is submitted, but not at the time of the review. Information about exmatriculation can be found here