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Transfers to one of the Bachelor's programmes in business administration and economics at the University of Marburg are only permitted if the student is still entitled to take an examination in business administration and economics or in a related field. This restriction does not apply to Master's programmes.

In the degree programmes B.Sc. Business Administration, B.Sc. Economics and B.Sc. Intercultural Business Studies, students lose their entitlement to take the examination unless they earn at least 60 credits by the end of the 3rd semester. Prospective students transferring to the University of Marburg from programmes with the same name should bear in mind when applying that not all of the courses and examinations they have completed thus far may be judged equivalent. 

Transfers in higher semesters: For students transferring from the same programme in a different school, the student's semester assignment is automatically transferred upon registration. If you have earned credits in another programme, the Examinations Office can issue an assignment notice for presentation to the Registrar's Office. In that case, the student is assigned to a semester based on his or her existing credits.

Students who are applying for a higher semester in open admissions Master's degrees with an aptitude assessment procedure are still evaluated during the aptitude assessment procedure.

Recognition of credits: Please submit the following documents:
"Recognition" form
Full transcript of records
Module descriptions

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