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Recognition of Internships

Voluntary internships may be recognised for up to 6 credits in programmes which include the "key qualifications" or "internship module". The Examinations Office may issue letters of recommendation for the application but is unable to certify mandatory internships. The following rules apply for recognition:

  • The internship must be completed in an area relating to business administration and economics.
  • The internship should reflect the skills already acquired by the student in the programme in light of the requirements of the professional world. For this reason, only internships which are completed during the programme will be recognised.
  • The internship must last for at least 4 weeks. 
  • Prior to the internship, please submit an exposé of the prospective company or institution and your areas of work there.
  • After the internship has been accepted by the Examination Board, documentation of the internship is furnished by submitting a 4-page internship report, signed from the internship supervisor, as well as the internship documentation to the Examinations Office.