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Information for Enrolled Students

Each semester, the lectures and seminars to be offered are listed in the Philipps-University course catalogue (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) via MARVIN. It is not necessary to register for lectures, but it is necessary to register for seminars and particularly for examinations. The number of seminar places is limited. For the deadline, please check the websites of the respective research groups (for business administration) or our schools website (for economics). For exams, you must register via the LSF/QIS-Portal. Exam registration requires several codes, which are distributed by the examination office at the beginning of each semester (please check actual dates on the homepage of the examinations office). Most course material can be found on ILIAS, the online learning platform of the Philipps-University. ILIAS makes it possible to join groups, access lecture materials, organise your studies, and receive up-to-date information about lectures and seminars.

ILIAS, the  MARVIN Portal, and the online library catalogue OPAC can be found on all webpages of Philipps-University via “Quick-Links” (box in the right corner at the top of the page).

In Germany, professors have the opportunity to be relieved of their teaching duties for one semester (usually every eighth semester), to focus on their research. Many professors use this sabbatical (Forschungssemester) to visit co-authors at other universities. However, even though a particular professor may be absent, there will be alternative courses to choose from.

You are enrolled in Marburg and interested in studying towards a PhD?

We regularly offer informative meetings in which information about opportunities and prerequisites are provided. If you want to be notified about the next meeting, please send your contact details to:

After graduation

So that your career will have the best start possible after you graduate, Philipps-University makes available certain projects and institutions that are specifically designed toward this end: