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Information for New Students

Getting Started in the Master of Science International Political Economy

The School of Business and Economics heartily welcomes you to Marburg. Remember, in this study programme, students with an undergraduate degree in economics commence their studies in Marburg and move to Dallas after one year, whereas students with an undergraduate degree in political science start in Dallas and then come to Marburg.

We offer a number of informal meetings and support before the term starts to ensure that you get off to a good start at our university. More information for new students can be found on the virtual platform viSUM (virtual information for new students - again, only in German).

Want to brush up your knowledge of basic methods? Eager to hone your economic intuition? You can find some reading recommendations here.

Starting a new course of study at a different university in a city you don't know can be a little overwhelming, to say at least. Don't panic! We have taken steps to make the whole process easier and less stressful. For example, during the first week of your Master's programme at Marburg, we offer an introductory seminar at which you can meet and get to know students already studying here. These students will give your their 'on the ground' perspective of studying in Marburg and help you plan your course schedule. The student handbook and the homepage sections entitled 'Living in Marburg' and 'Studying in Marburg' are packed with practical tips and useful information. Additional support is available from the academic advisor and the staff of the Philipps-University's International Office, all of whom are well qualified to and enthusiastic about assisting students.

Academic advisor: 

Please see here

International Office

Deutschhausstraße 11+13, 35037 Marburg

+49 (0) 6421 - 28 26246

Look at the 'download-section' for some helpful documents!