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Acceptance as a Doctoral Candidate

  • Any relevant information for being accepted as a doctoral candidate can be found in the current doctoral degree regulations (Doctoral Degree Regulations from 2015).
  • The doctoral project should first be discussed with the professor who is an expert in your chosen field and who will act as your advisor.
  • Complete the application form Application as a Doctoral Candidate.
  • In addition, you must provide the following documents:
    • Final transcript or an equivalency certification, if you earned your degree in another country.
    • (English version of the support and supervision agreement)Informal declaration specifying whether the applicant has filed applications at other universities of institutions of higher education.
    • Higher education entrance qualification
    • Aptitude assessment (2 expert reports); e.g., if the degree is in a different field than the doctoral subject, or if the 2009 Examination Regulation (PO 2009), as amended on October 29, 2014, effective on July 4, 2015 § 5 (2) c) is applicable.
    • Complete the master data sheet and send it via e-mail to english Version (supplement to the Directory of Key Terms (Schlüsselverzeichnis)

For further information on being accepted as a doctoral candidate, please go to Information on the process for being admitted as a doctoral candidate (Hinweisen für das Verfahren der Annahme als DoktorandIn) as well as the tab 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

The documents for acceptance as a doctoral candidate must be submitted to the Dean’s Office Dekanat des Fachbereichs 03 at the latest 1 week prior to the relevant session of the Research and Doctoral Committee (Sitzung des Forschungs- und Promotionsausschusses) at the Dean’s Office. Please contact Dr. Ina Drescher-Bonny oder Ms Rabea Bender.

Please send any questions by e-mail to The Research and Doctoral Committee decides on the acceptance of the doctoral candidate or the admission to the doctoral examination process, respectively.