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Project 5: Violation of sensorimotor expectations about action consequences

Prof. Dr. Alexander Schütz (Sensomotoric Learning)

PhD Student: Nino Sharvashidze

Saccadic eye movements directly change the incoming visual information on the retina. In this project, we plan to investigate how expectations are generated based on information from the peripheral visual field, how they are compared to information from the central visual field after an eye movement has been executed and how expectation violations are then used to modify the expectations. We plan to induce expectation violations by manipulating the visual information during the eye movement. This will allow us to investigate to which external or internal causes expectation violations are attributed.


Pinquart, M., Endres, D., Teige-Mocigemba, S., Panitz, C., & Schütz, A. C. (2021). Why expectations do or do not change after expectation violation: A comparison of seven models. Consciousness and Cognition, 89, 103086.

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