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Pediatric and Adolescent Psychology

Welcome to the website of the Pediatric and Adolescent Psychology Work Group!
The Pediatric and Adolescent Psychology Work Group (Arbeitsgruppe Kinder- und Jugendpsychologie, AG KJP) is responsible for the subjects of developmental psychology, pedagogical psychology as well as clinical pediatric and adolescent psychology. The teaching and research focuses of the AG KJP are on childhood and adolescence. The AG KJP also maintains the BRAIN diagnostic aptitude counseling center. This strategic focus is also an important factor in the profile development at the Department of Psychology. The AG KJP’s current research focuses include:

  • Developmental regulation in adolescence and adulthood
  • The influence of social change on mental development
  • Parenting behavior/co-parenting
  • Intellectual giftedness, high performance, underachievement
  • Performance anxiety
  • Reading, reading comprehension, listening comprehension
  • Pedagogical-psychological diagnostics
  • Mental development in adolescents with sensory impairments
  • Research methods of developmental psychology and pedagogical psychology
  • Academic self-concept, avoidance of academic work, cheating, boredom

Regularly held research seminars and research colloquia provide information about current research that the Pediatric and Adolescent Psychology Work Group is conducting.
The Pediatric and Adolescent Psychology Work Group consists of three work units as well as a guest professorship: