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Germanistische Linguistik

Germanistische Linguistik (GL) publishes high-quality studies with a focus on the German language. This includes the individual system levels and their interfaces, the function of language in social life and culture as well as the role of language in communication. Also welcome are studies on the variation and change in language as well es contrastive perspectives. In addition, GL takes a look at developments and trends in the subject and is open to methodological reflection in particular. In this way, GL raises fundamental questions of German linguistics and to those topics that have a particular influence on the discipline.

GL specializes in the publication of thematic volumes. Each issue is devoted to a defined topic under the responsibility of a changing editor. Suggestions for such topics are always welcome; an overview of previous issues can be found in the GL index. Publication of monographs or thematically non-coherent conferences (proceedings) is not intended.

GL is one of the traditional organs of German linguistics. Two to three thematic issues are published annually. Contributions are published in both German and English. The quality of the contributions is ensured by peer reviewing.

As a journal, GL supports open access to scientific contributions. All volumes published from 2012 onwards are therefore available as ebooks for free download with a grace period of 12 months. The individual volumes can be viewed under complete index.

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Alfred Wildfeuer / Sebastian Franz (ed.) (2024)

Standardisierung und (Re-)Vitalisierung von Minderheitensprachen

Das Interesse an Fragen der Standardisierung und (Re-)Vitalisierung von Minderheitensprachen rückt seit einigen Jahren vermehrt in den Fokus der Linguistik. Die Beiträge widmen sich dem Thema aus verschiedenen Perspektiven. Es werden einzelne Minderheitensprachen vorgestellt, Aspekte der Normierung analysiert, more...