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Deutsche Dialektgeographie (DDG)

Deutsche Dialektgeographie (DDG) Jürgen Erich Schmidt, Joachim Herrgen and Alfred Lameli.

Published by Olms-Verlag Hildesheim / Zürich / New York.

Welcome to the website of Deutsche Dialektgeographie!

The book series Deutsche Dialektgeographie was founded in 1908 by Marburg dialectologist Ferdinand Wrede and subsequently edited by him. In this respect, the DDG is a book series with one of the richest traditions in the field. However, the journal cannot rely merely on its long tradition; today, under its editors Jürgen Erich Schmidt, Joachim Herrgen, and Alfred Lameli, it is an active forum for current regional language research. The DDG sees itself as an ambitious publication medium for high-ranking scientific works from the entire field of regional language research.

In recent years, the DDG has undergone a modernization in form and content. In this regard, the editors write in the preface to volume 111: “On the way from a traditional dialect geography to a modern linguistic dynamics research of German, not only the methods of the subject have changed, but to a certain extent also the scientific subject. For the DDG, the time has thus come for a reorientation. The papers that will appear in this series in the future will continue to be special studies in areal linguistics that serve to deepen larger-scale subject areas. However, these thematic fields will now encompass the entire spectrum of linguistic variation marked by the poles of spoken standard language on the one hand and local basic dialects on the other. The entire arsenal of methods that characterizes contemporary variation linguistics is to be found in the DDG in the future.”

Starting with volume 111, DDG is published under the supervision of Olms Verlag.

Requests for publication are subject to an internal review process. For further information on manuscript submission or on the series in general, please contact:

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