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Belegliste / Transcript of Records

The "Belegliste" is one of the most important documents during your exchange in Marburg. Based on the  information on your Belegliste, your final Transcript of Records will be issued. In order to get your Transcript of Records on time and with correct information please follow these steps:

1. Create the Belegliste in Mobility Online

At the begining of the semester you need to create the Belegliste in Mobility Online ("Courses includes in the Belegliste /Transcript of Records" in your workflow):

  • fill out carefully all the information about your courses (course number, course title, teacher's name, ECTS) and
  • keep your Belegliste up to date (delete courses you dropped, add courses for the 2nd semester, etc.)!

2. Submit the Belegliste to your departmental exchange coordinator

At the end of your stay you need to submit your Belegliste per email (attached as a pdf document) to the departmental exchange coordinator. Make sure that:

  • your Belegliste contains all courses you have attended
  • you added the courses from Sprachzentrum
  • you deleted courses you have dropped
  • you signed your Belegliste
  • you made a copy of the Belegliste for your own records.

Only with a duly completed and signed Belegliste your transcript of records can be issued!
Be aware that with your signature on the Belegliste you confirm that all the information is correct.

 3. Ask your teachers for grades

The grades of exchange students are not registered automatically but will be manually inserted into your Belegliste by your departmental coordinator. For that it is necessary that you ask each of your teachers to e-mail your grades to the departmental exchange coordinator.


  • Only after all grades are reported to the departmental coordinator, the Transcript of Records can be issued. Please be aware that it make takes up to 4 weeks till the transcript arrives at your university.
  • No separate certifications for each of your courses will be issued at the Faculty of German Studies and Arts. All courses from your Belegliste will be listed on your Transcript of Records with their duration, local grades and ECTS credits so that the details can be verified and compared with the learning agreement.
  • If you stay in Marburg for two semester the Transcript of Records will be issued only at the end of your entire stay.