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The Faculty of German Studies and Arts

(Fachbereich 09 Germanistik und Kunstwissenschaften)

The Faculty of German Studies and Arts is one of the biggest faculties at the Philipps-Universität Marburg. It consists of seven departments, in which teaching and research are organized:

  1. Department of Modern German Literature (Institut für Neuere deutsche Literatur)
  2. Department of Medieval German Philology (Institut für Deutsche Philologie des Mittelalters)
  3. Department of Media Studies (Institut für Medienwissenschaft)
  4. Department of Art History (Kunstgeschichtliches Institut)
  5. Department of Fine Arts (Institut für Bildende Kunst)
  6. Department of Musicology (Musikwissenschaftliches Institut)

At the Faculty of German Studies and Arts, research covers a broad range of linguistic and artistic areas. It is a leading center for research in:

  • german dialects and language varieties
  • communication and pragmatics
  • second language acquisition and teaching (German)
  • cognitive linguistics
  • literature and media
  • digital edition of German literature
  • digital edition of middle high German literature
  • medieval manuscripts
  • audio-visual and digital media
  • art history documentation
  • early music, opera

Deutscher Sprachatlas, the leading research center in the field of dialects, nonstandard and regional varieties of the German language, is part of the Faculty. Aside from housing a dedicated and approachable team of researchers, it holds a unique and extensive collection of data and documents, a specialist library and equipment for data acquisition and analysis.