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This master program focusses on functional materials, i.e., the understanding and synthesis of modern materials designed for special applications. This is NOT an engineering program and we do NOT build industrial devices. Instead, we study the physical and chemical principles that constitute the needed basis for material functionalization. To successfully participate in this program, you need good background knowledge in physics, mathematics, and chemistry.

As part of the master's program, you have to complete a course dealing with the quantum mechanics of functional materials. This course is intellectually challenging in comparison e.g. to traditional classes in classical mechanics. To pass the quantum course, you need a good mathematical background.

Please note that almost 50% of the beginning students in our traditional physics curriculum do not succeed. We, therefore, expect that also in our functional materials program not all students will be successful.

Once admitted, we want to optimize your chances to succeed. However, this is only possible if you come with the needed background knowledge. Before you apply, please make sure that your expertise in basic physics, mathematics, and chemistry is sufficiently good (especially if you hold a degree in mechanical engineering or computer science) and if you are ready to take on the challenge.

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How to apply?
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