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Living costs in Marburg

Photo by Prof. M. Koch

There are no tuition fees. But to enroll as a student you have to pay the so-called “semester contribution” of about 300 Euros per term. Yet, this also brings you some benefits: you have free public transportation in and around Marburg and you can eat in the student Mensa where meals are cheaper than in restaurants.

For more information please contact the student's office.

The cost of living in Marburg is not particularly high as compared to other German university cities. For a room, food, and clothing you need a minimum of about 750 Euros per month. Note: in order to get a visa you need to actually prove that you have this money available.

Yet, the living costs, of course, depend on your lifestyle. If you want to rent a flat on your own, prices may vary from 350 to 700 EUR. Typically when renting such a place you have to deposit several hundred Euros (up to 1500 EUR for some places) in case any damage is done.

Shopping for groceries and essentials monthly will probably not exceed 300 Euros.

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany. For this, you have to take 80 to 100 Euros into account.

You may want to consider the practical information provided by the Welcome Center and their Guidebook.

If you have any further questions please contact: