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Current sponsorships

According to § 2 of the statutes of the association diverse projects to improve teaching and research at the institute are funded.

Supported activities ...

  • acquisition of special research literature which cannot be realized by the institute's library budget only.
  • acquisition of hardware supporting the scientific staff at the institute (laptops, scanner, printer etc.).
  • acquisition of steel cabinets for archiving about 10.000 special prints.
  • compensation of student assistants who archive the special prints and provide the gained data for publication in the Bibliography for the History of Pharmacy (PhB; external link).
  • acquisition of big boxes for orderly storing equally funded laboratory instruments used during the compulsory optional subject taught at the institute. With their help it is possible to organize the practical work of reproducing ancient Egyptian recipes of medicines within the premises of the institute.
  • compensation of guest speakers who are invited for scientific lectures to our institute on a regular basis.
  • funding of scientific excursions.
  • compensation of printing costs for outstanding dissertations prepared at the institute.