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The research groups of the Department of Biology are mainly housed in the main building Karl-von-Frisch-Straße 8. In addition, groups belonging to the department are also located in adjacent buildings, such as the new chemistry building (AG Thanbichler), the Centre for Synthetic Microbiology and the "Mehrzweckgebäude", which you can see on the map.

© OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende
© OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende

You will be arriving car.

from the south via the Frankfurter Kreuz via the Autobahn 5 (A5) to the Gambacher Kreuz; then the A45 towards Gießener Südkreuz. There you change to the A485 direction Marburg. At Gießener Nordkreuz, continue on the B3 and leave the B3 at the Marburg-Süd exit. From there follow the signs to Uni-Lahnberge. On the Lahnberge, turn right onto Karl-von-Frisch-Straße (signposted "Botanischer Garten").

Coming from the north via Kassel, take the A49 and change to the B3 in Borken. Leave the B3 at Cölbe/Wehrda. Turn right towards Marburg and follow the signs towards Uni-Lahnberge. After the University Hospital turn left into Karl-von-Frisch-Straße (signposted "Botanischer Garten"). public transport

To Marburg (Lahn) Hauptbahnhof by train, from the south via Frankfurt and from the north via Kassel.
From Marburg (Lahn) Hauptbahnhof take one of the following bus connections:

- City bus line no. 2 with destination "Sonnenblick" (via "Universitätsklinikum"); travel time approx. 18 min.
- City bus line no. 7 with destination "Universitätsklinikum" (via "Stadtmitte - Südbahnhof") ; travel time approx. 30 min
- City bus line no. 11 with destination "Universitätsklinikum"; travel time approx. 20 min
- City bus line no. MR75 with destination "Kirchhain Bahnhof" (via "Universitätsklinikum"); travel time approx. 15 minutes

leave the bus at the stop "Botanical Garden".

If you arrive by line 7 or 11, follow the signs to "Botanischer Garten" (you do not have to cross the street!) and then follow the sign "Fachbereich Biologie". The nearest entrance is via the Südfoyer.
If you arrive with line no. 2 or MR75 (marked as stop "2"), then use the underpass and go in the direction of "Department of Biology". The first building is the main building of the Department of Biology. The nearest entrance is via the Nordfoyer.

For further information on departure times, please visit the website: