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Research Profile

The research groups of the Department of Biology focus on the following research areas:

Molecules and Cells (A1)

Foto: Pierre-Francois Perroud

The research focus Molecules and Cells characterizes intra- and intercellular processes in microorganisms, eukaryotic protozoa and plants as well as the interaction of these organisms with biotic and abiotic environmental factors. It currently comprises ten professorships in the disciplines of genetics, microbiology, molecular plant physiology, cell biology and four associated departments of the MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology as well as one associated professorship from the SYNMIKRO Center.

Development and Function (A2)

Photo: Christian Helker

The research focus Development and Function investigates signals and signalling systems in the communication of animal cells and cell assemblies, which are the basis for the formation and plasticity of organs and their functional optimization. It comprises the disciplines of developmental genetics, molecular zoology and animal physiology with six professorships.

Biodiversity and nature conservation (A3)

Foto: Sascha Rösner -

The research focus Biodiversity and Conservation analyses genetic and demographic processes in populations as well as micro- and macroevolutionary processes and biotic interactions. It comprises the disciplines of conservation, ecology and biodiversity of plants with six professorships.

The research groups of the department are active in various national and international research networks and projects and work closely together with various partner institutions.