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Welcome to the Active Student Council Biology in Marburg!

This is the site of the Active Student Council Biology Marburg. Here you will find information about our activities such as committee work, university policy at the department, orientation units and parties as well as information for first-year students and prospective students. Enjoy reading and browsing!

Information on the OU of the coming winter semester 2019/20 can be found under "Activities and Projects" under "OE-Week".
Due to the change of the homepage, it is currently not always possible to update the student representatives' page promptly. Nevertheless you can still reach us by email: or under Facebook ( and/or to the student body evening in the FS room, in SoSe 19 every Thursday at 18:00 clock!


Student Council Biology of the Philipps-University
Karl von Fresh Str. 8
35034 Marburg
Room 0001 (ground floor, north foyer)