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H2020 GenTree | Optimising the management and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Europe

Dr. Isabelle Lesure, Dr. Katrin Heer, Prof. Lars Opgenoorth

MOF Buchenwald
Foto: Lars Opgenoorth

The overall goal of GenTree is to provide the European forestry sector with better knowledge, methods and tools to improve the conservation and use of adapted and genetically diverse FGR in European forests in the context of global environmental change and evolving societal demands for a diversified range of forest products. To reach its goal, GenTree will try to make scientific, technological and implementation breakthroughs in 1. The design of innovative strategies for conserving FGR in European forests; 2. Broadening the range of FGR used in European breeding programmes; 3. The integration of conservation and breeding strategies to provide a new framework for the development of adaptive forest management. GenTree will be funded under the EU H2020 program and will include cooperation partners from throughout Europe.