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LOEWE Nature 4.0 | Comprehensive nature conservation monitoring through networked sensors and integrated data analysis

Dr. Martin Leberecht, Prof. Dr. Lars Opgenoorth

Foto: Lars Opgenoorth

The overall goal of Nature 4.0 is to develop a prototype of a sensor based monitoring system of interaction networks in forests. Beginning with the sensor-based phenotyping of trees such as the quantification of their primary production including fruit production and ending with sensor based assessments of detritivor activitiy, Nature 4.0 will develop new monitoring approaches and test available sensors on different platforms such as UAVs, robots, but also mounted on animals such as deer and birds. This prototype of a comprehensive monitoring system will be developed in the Marburg Open Forest and is meant as the basis for range-wide monitoring schemes to provide spatially explicit, highly resolved real time data for managers and conservationists but also for basic research in evolutionary ecology and forestry, e.g. in association genetics.