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H2020 Forgenius | Improving access to FORest GENetic resources Information and services for end-USers

Jill Sekely, Christian Mestre Runge, Dr. Christoph Reudenbach, Prof. Thomas Nauss, Prof. Dr. Dirk Zeuss, Prof. Dr. Katrin Heer, Prof. Lars Opgenoorth

MOF Buchenwald
Foto: Lars Opgenoorth

FORGENIUS will develop methods and tools for greater insight into the characteristics and the value of Forest GenRes accessions presently existing in 35 European countries, and linked through the EUFGIS Information System ( FORGENIUS will create novel services for users within and outside the conservation communities and will significantly increase and improve data quantity and quality in the European Forest Genetic Resources (Forest GenRes) information system that describes all accessions. The project’s newly developed services will also allow end-users to characterise prospective new genetic conservation units. To fulfil these needs, FORGENIUS will use state-of-the-art indices ranging from genomics and phenotyping to remote sensing and predictive models. FORGENIUS will achieve the following goals: i) assessing genetic, phenotypic, and environmental diversity, as well as resilience of the GCU collection under climate change; ii) providing scientific evidence to support management decisions that promote the resilience and adaptability of the collection; iii) characterising GCUs and their GenRes to identify high-quality germplasm for use in breeding and forest plantations; iv) creating innovative data accessibility and modelling services for users within and outside the Forest GenRes conservation communities.