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CV Alfred Batschauer

Alfred Batschauer studied Biology at the Universities Basel (Switzerland) and Freiburg (Germany). He did his Diploma and Doctoral thesis with Klaus Apel at the University Freiburg and University Kiel, respectively.

He then joint as a postdoc the group of Eberhard Schäfer at University Freiburg and the group of Anthony Cashmore at Penn State University, Philadelphia, USA.

Afterwards he became Assistant Professor in the Department of Botany and Plant Physiology at University Freiburg where he habilitated. Since 1997 he is Professor at the University of Marburg and head of the Department of Molecular Plant Physiology and Photobiology.

His research interest is on photoreceptors and light signaling in plants and fungi.

He was speaker of the DFG Graduate School (GRK 541) ‘Protein Function at the Atomic Level’ and Vice Dean and Dean of the Department of Biology.