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Alexander Goesmann

Portrait Alexander Goesmann
Photo: Rolf K. Wegst

The lab of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at the Justus-Liebig University Giessen, Germany focuses on the development of automated software solutions for the standardized analysis of microbial genomes and microbiomes relevant for environmental biology and biotechnology. Leading the microbial bioinformatics efforts within the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure (de.NBI), our laboratory develops and uses large-scale high-performance as well as cloud computing technologies and modern workflow systems such as Galaxy, Nextflow, Snakemake and CWL. In the M4C initiative, we focus on developing bioinfomatics pipelines and routines for the high-throughput analysis and mining of microbial genome and post-genome data.

Research Focus:

Microbes as Responders; Microbes providing Solutions

Key publication(s):

Dieckmann MA, Beyvers S, Nkouamedjo-Fankep RC, Hanel PHG, Jelonek L, *Blom J, Go­es­mann A. EDGAR3.0: comparative genomics and phylogenomics on a scalable in­fra­structure. Nucleic Acids Research 2021 49:W185-W192. doi: 10.1093/nar/ gkab341

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