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Georg Hochberg

Portrait Georg Hochberg
Photo: Rolf K. Wegst

In our lab, we study the evolution of protein complexes. Protein complexes are essential to all aspects of cellular life - from energy production and conversion, to signal transduction and cell division. But how these nanomachines were built in evolution remains a mystery. Our group aims at closing this knowledge gap using the tools of molecular phylogenetics, ancestral sequence reconstruction and experimental biophysics. In the context of M4C, we are focusing on retracing and reconstructing the evolution of the central complexes in the carbon, nitrogen, and light assimilation pathways of microorganisms.

Research Focus:

Microbes as Drivers; Microbes as Responders

Key Publication(s):

Schulz L, Guo Z, Zarzycki J, Steinchen W, Schuller JM, Heimerl T, Prinz S, MuellerCajar O, *Erb TJ, *Hochberg GKA. Evolution of increased complexity and specificity at the dawn of form I Rubiscos. Science 2022 378:155-160. doi: 10.1126/science.abq1416

Steube N, Moldenhauer M, Weiland P, Saman D, Kilb A, Ramírez Rojas AA, Garg SG, Schindler D, Graumann PL, Benesch JLP, Bange G, Friedrich T, *Hochberg GKA. Fortuitously compatible protein surfaces primed allosteric control in cyanobacterial photoprotection. Nature Ecology & Evolution 2023 7:756–767 doi: 10.17617/3.44RHFZ

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