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Katharina Höfer

Portrait Katharina Höfer
Photo: Rolf K. Wegst

Our research aims at discovering and characterizing new epitranscriptomic mechanisms of gene regulation based on NAD-RNAs. Our inter-disciplinary group focuses on the interaction of proteins with NAD-RNA to identify novel and important connections between redox biology, gene expression and regulation. In the M4C initiative, we aim at understanding the role of NAD-RNA and their interaction with the proteome of the cell for the regulation of cellular and metabolic processes – and use RNA modifications to create novel genetic circuits for synthetic biology.

Research Focus:

Microbes as Responders; Microbes providing Solutions

Key Publication(s):

Höfer K, Li S, Abele F, Frindert J, Schlotthauer J, Grawenhoff J, Du J, *Patel DJ, *Jäschke A. Structure and function of the bacterial decapping enzyme NudC. Nature Chemical Biology 2016 12:730-734. doi: 10.1038/nchembio.2132

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