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Project B2: Role of ADAM8 in TAMs in PDAC tumor progression and therapy resistance


Prof. Dr. Jörg Walter Bartsch
Clinic for Neurosurgery
Philipps-Universität Marburg   


Dr. rer. nat. Emily P. Slater
VTG Surgery
Philipps-Universität Marburg

Project aims:

ADAM8 is a metalloprotease-disintegrin with a proven clinical impact on PDAC. Tumor cells, but also tumor-associated cells such as macrophages and CTCs express high levels of ADAM8 in PDAC. We will investigate the role of ADAM8 in PDAC development, progression, and in therapy resistance in vivo. Adam8-deficient mice will be crossed into KPC mice and clinical progression and therapeutic efficiency of standard chemotherapy and ADAM8 inhibition therapy will be assessed. Furthermore, the role of tumor-associated macrophages will be analyzed in vivo and in vitro and their proteome/miRNAome in EVs will be determined. Suitable candidate miRNAs will be assessed for their diagnostic potential in PDAC patient samples.