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Calendar of Activities:

Tea Sessions, Guest Lectures and Other GRK-Events 2018

Please find here the link to our google calendar. You may link this calendar with your own to keep posted.


Venue: Alte Bibliothek (FB 17, B1313)
starting time: 5:00 p.m.



11th Jan.

Jessica Moussi

8th February

Javier Fernandez Boldovino & organisational matters

22nd February

Lara-Jane Kepser & Marie-Claire Kratzer(Kratzer cancelled)

5th April

Tea Session "Pharma"
Dr. Eren Ghiani, Alumni UMR,
Dr. Böhmer, GSK Marburg, Personalabteilung

3rd May

Laura Soto Hinojosa

7th June

Career Coaching Day

5th July

David Apel, Stefanie Lübke & Chen Jiang

Q&A/feedback session, joint Pizza dinner?

19th July

early: 15:00 h!

Maik Bischoff & Marlen Breuer

guest: Heidrun Wittkowsky: Your questions to graduating at FB 20

Students' outing & BBQ

summer break

4th Oct

Lena Hoffmann & Elisabeth Loresch

8th November

Karina Ringer & Megnan Li

6th December

Marie-Clarie Kratzer,
Fatemeh Mirzapour Shafiyi,
Ray Thata & Felix Schneider


Venue: kleiner Hörsaal* (FB 17)
ehemaliges MPI, No: 00001 (KL HS)
starting time: 5:00 p.m.



17th/18th Jan. Retreat
Location: Kloster-Bursfelde in Hannoversch Münden-OT Bursfelde
25th January
Room: großer Hörsaal


8th March

Jan Faix, MH Hannover

Dissecting the molecular mechanism of Ena/VASP proteins

22nd March

Dietmar Gradl, KIT Invitation (PDF)

Wnt signalling and endocytosis regulate convergent extension movements in Xenopus

19th April

Julia Gross, Göttingen Invitation (PDF)

"The secrete side of Wnt signaling:
Understanding the sorting and signaling of Wnts on Extracellular Vesicles"

22nd May
Sergei Sokol, Abstract (PDF)
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY/USA

Wnt signaling in the control of embryonic cell polarity and fate

14th June
room: BPC SR V

Wei Li, Fudan University, Shanghai

"The roles and mechanisms of CD100 and Plexin-Bs in skin disorders"

21st June

Tobias Zech Invitation (PDF)
Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool

"Mechanisms of 3D cell migration: Nuclear force coupling mediated cancer cell invasion"

summer break
Sept. 20th - 22nd GBM Study Group „Molecular Neurobiology“
„Dynamics of the Nervous System in Health and Disease "

Session I: Cytoskeletal dynamics in brain development and neuronal Plasticity
program (PDF) (more information tba!)
24th - 26th Oct

SEMINAR DAYS (mandatory):

Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis

MARA workshop (2 days),
registration needed,
limited capacity!

Welfare of Animals in Research

Room 1043, FB 17

Dr. Almuth Köhler, KIT

Dr. Cornelia Exner, UMR
"Tierschutz im Allgemeinen und im Besonderen"

22nd November


20th December


RETREAT 2019: January 15th to 17th in Kloster-Bursfelde in Hannoversch Münden-OT Bursfelde