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As a protection against computer viruses, worms and trojans, the University Computer Center provides the virus protection software Sophos Anti-Virus free of charge (as part of a campus license).

Sophos Anti-Virus is automatically installed in all PC rooms, lecture halls and seminar rooms, as well as on other PCs maintained by the University Computer Center. In addition, members of the Philipps-Universität Marburg can download Sophos Anti-Virus free of charge and also install it on their IT workstations at home.


  • Current versions of Microsoft Windows already include working antivirus protection. Otherwise, installation of an anti-virus program is strongly recommended.
  • If computers are infected by viruses or other malware, the University Computer Center is obliged to block the infected devices' access to the university network and Internet!

Target group

Students, staff, guests



  • Support and help

    If you have any questions about virus protection, you are welcome to contact the IT service desk. You can reach us by phone at 06421 28 28282 or by email at
    If you suspect a virus, please contact us by email at

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  • Worth knowing

    Many of the worms that have been circulating lately, take advantage of security holes in operating systems and application software to spread without the user's intervention. The anti-virus software on the computers can only fend off such worms if the worm in question is already known. To prevent these worms from entering the system in the first place, it is vital to regularly install the security updates provided by the manufacturer for the operating system and application programs. Current operating systems offer to automate this process.

    Also note that other application programs (browser, PDF reader, Office programs, etc.) also need regular updates.

    Even on a private PC, you should,  in addition to the admin account created by default, create an account without admin rights for everyday use.

    And: On PCs connected to the Internet, all accounts must have a non-trivial password.