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Use mailing lists for the distribution of surveys

Invitations and information on surveys by university members, e.g. for a thesis or research projects, can be sent to all members of the university via mailing lists set up especially for this purpose.
The mailing lists are only used for distribution, whereas the survey itself must be created with an appropriate tool, see "Survey tools".


  • You can reach all students and staff members including professors and lecturers of the Philipps-Universität via the mailing lists
  • There are two mailing lists available
    • (all students)
    • (all employees, university teachers and lecturers)
  • The mailing lists are updated regularly (daily).
  • Members of the lists can permanently remove themselves from the list. You will find a corresponding link attached to each survey email.


To distribute the survey via one of the above-mentioned mailing lists, send it by email (with subject and content according to the rules named below) to one of the above-mentioned email addresses. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the IT-Servicedesk.

Please observe the following instructions and rules of use.

Rules of use

In order to maintain the acceptance of the mailing lists, we reserve the right not to distribute surveys that are identical in wording or content and are sent out several times within a short period of time. With the distribution of surveys, we walk a fine line between supporting scientific work and giving the recipients a feeling of being spammed. The feedback/complaints and cancellations regularly confirm this to us. In order to do equal justice to all surveys, also regarding the number of subscribers/participation rate, we ask you not to send multiple calls on the same topic.

  • The lists are moderated, i.e. the submitted email is distributed with a time delay after review by the legal department.
  • Surveys that do not serve any apparent scientific purpose will not be distributed.
  • The sender must be a member of the Philipps-University.


The survey email must identify the sender, purpose and content of the survey.


The sender should be unique. We recommend to use a signature at the bottom of the email. Only university email addresses are allowed, so that the sender of the survey can be clearly identified if necessary. Private email addresses are not allowed.


A meaningful subject line is mandatory. "Survey" would clearly be too little at this point.


  • The email may only contain text or HTML text.
  • No e-mails with attachments will be accepted.
  • Please avoid references to websites outside of the Philipps-Universität's website.
  • Email addresses mentioned in the text (e.g. for reply or contact) should be university email addresses only. Please apply for a functional account if necessary.
  • The supervising scientist (especially in the case of student surveys) must be named in the text.

Survey tools

Which survey tools are available, how can the university support me?

  • Evaluation software EvaSys for teaching evaluations
    For information on how to use this service, please contact the Department for Teaching Evaluation & Graduate Studies.

  • Survey tool in the learning platform ILIAS (participation within the University of Marburg or placement of public surveys with TAN procedure)
    For further information:
  • Data collection with Redcap for surveys, especially with personal data that is particularly worthy of protection, e.g. medical data.