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Former Staff Members of the ICWC

  • Managing directors

  • Research associates

    Dr. Dirk Stolper

    Dissertation project "Eichmann's Lawyer. Impact and Perceptions of Robert Servatius (1894-1983)" (working title)

    Taxiarchis Fiskatoris (PhD)

    Dissertation project "International criminal law, peacekeeping law, international history, international criminology and, in particular, the points of contact and overlaps between these disciplines"

    Dr. Christian Pöpken

    Dissertation project "The Significance of the Supreme Court for the British Zone (OGH) for the Persecution of International Crimes Committed During National Socialist Rule" (German)

    Axel Fischer, M.A.

    DFG Project "The U.S. American Film Project on the Nuremberg Trial of the Major War Criminals: A Contribution to Post-War Political Culture in Germany" (German)

    Dr. Christina Ullrich

    DFG Project "Unequal Victims - Recognition Processes after Genocidal Mass Violence. A Comparison of Germany, Rwanda and Cambodia" (German)
    Research focus: transitional justice with a focus on victim research, Nazi crimes and Federal Republic society, national socialism

    responsible at the ICWC in particular for the coordination of teaching

    Daniel Bonnard, M.A.

    Dissertation project "War Crimes Trials in the French Occupation Zone in Germany (1946-1953)" (German)

    Dr. Elisa Marie Hoven

    DAAD Project "Victims at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal - The Impact of the ECCC Proceedings on Victims in Cambodia" (German)

    Dr. Alena Hartwig-Asteroth

    Dr. Lars Büngener

    Dr. Antonio Esposito, LL.M.

    Dr. Katrin Hassel

    Dr. Albrecht Kirschner

    Yvonne Koberg, LL.M.

    Dr. Dominik Pfeiffer, Dipl.-Soz.

  • Student assistants

    Carolin Büchter

    Marie Schiffter

    Natalie Fanasch

    Astrid Walter

    Maria Bülte

    Annika Nawrocki

    Sera Ria Gomes

    Friederike Drews

    Muriel Imhof

    Johanna Salomon

    Thomas Szymczyk

    Leif Henke

    Jessica Boglowska

    Justine Bitam

    Michelle Tredup

    Paco Pawolleck

    Leonie Disselkamp

    Miriam Gandras

    Destiny Faye Ibarra

    Alexander Benz

    Linn-Sophie Löber

    Sophie Früchtenicht

    Lara Höhne

    Ronja Seggelke

    Milena Hardt

    Alexander Cramer

    Josephine Kaufmann

    Leonard Wolckenhaar

    Gilles Arcas

    Lisa Hannappel

    Marten Krauss

    Ulrika Mientus

    Tobias Römer

    Simon Sträter

    Mira Hellmich

    Boris Polifka

    Nicolai Bülte

    Pauline Schmitt

    Arne Betke

    Felix Liedel

    Hannah Peaceman

    Sabrina Manteuffel

    Sascha Hörmann

    Philipp Graebke

    Dominik Eichhorn

    Sarah Antabi

    Maren Glaßmeyer

    Alexander Kloss

    Marc Lau

    Siming Lu

    Gesa Lüken

    Kathleen Rother

    Philipp Schmidt

    Marius Urbanik

    Michael Urbschat

    Judi Mionki

    Mathilde Le Merle