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Europäische Literaturen / European Literatures (Bachelor of Arts)

Program: Europäische Literaturen / European Literatures
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Program length: 6 semesters / 3 years (180 ECTS points)

The Europäische Literaturen / European Literatures bachelor's program provides you with a fundamental education in literary science, during which you will study the theory and history of literature from intercultural and interdisciplinary perspectives. In addition to gaining deeper knowledge of two bodies of European literature, chosen from the range of subjects of the Philipps University, at the same time you will also gain knowledge of European literary history and theory in interdisciplinary modules. The program thereby provides you with a network of cultural history which will enable you to transfer between various literary, linguistic and cultural spaces in Europe.

The Europäische Literaturen / European Literatures bachelor's program is an interdisciplinary program, incorporating the literary subjects of English studies, German studies, classical philology, Celtic studies and Romance philology, the departments of German Studies and History of the Arts, and Foreign Languages and Cultures of the Philipps University.

Major topics

In addition to the interdisciplinary mandatory portions, in the “Europäische Literaturen/European Literatures” Bachelor's program, you will gain knowledge of individual European literary, linguistic and cultural spaces in two elective areas. Choose two literary subjects from the university's elective offering (e.g. Anglophone Literature, German Literature, Ancient Greek Literature, Celtic Literature, French Literature/Italian Literature/Spanish Literature or Ancient Roman Literature), of which the first is studied extensively in its historical breadth.


With its interdisciplinary focus, the Europäische Literaturen / European Literatures bachelor's program qualifies you for professions and jobs that have a particularly close connection to European literature and culture:

  • European publishing
  • Literary and cultural journalism
  • Radio, television, new media
  • Theater
  • Bookselling
  • European marketing
  • Cultural work and public relations
  • Study academies and universities

Successful completion of the bachelor's program also gives you the opportunity to acquire a degree in a continuing master's program.