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Griechisch / Greek (First State Examination / Extended Examination)

Program: Griechisch / Greek
Degree: First State Examination
Program length: 9 semesters / 4.5 years (240 ECTS points)
Start: Winter and Summer semesters 


The subject of "Griechisch / Greek" subject in the Teaching in Secondary Schools program is oriented based on the requirements of the practice of teaching Greek in secondary schools. The program imparts the linguistic, subject-related and teaching-related principles for exercising the teaching profession at secondary schools and collects initial experiences in practical teaching in schools, following academic instruction.

The university education in the subject of Greek is the basic science for European self-conception. The subject matter is texts from the ancient and late-ancient Greek periods, which have particularly imprinted themselves in European intellectual history.

The program qualifies students for academic work and for the responsible execution of the teaching profession based on the acquired knowledge and expertise.

Major topics

The essential study goals in the subject of "Griechisch / Greek" include:

Acquisition and deepening of linguistic expertise (solid language skills, theoretical and historical aspects of the Greek language), methodologically directed handling of literature (basic concepts of literary science, history of Greek literature and its reception, text tradition and criticism, scientific interpretation) and the necessary skills in archeology and cultural studies (philosophy, political history, religion, art, law, society, etc.) and the capability for didactic mediation of subject-related content.


With a course of study in the subject of "Griechisch / Greek," with subsequent teaching traineeship, you will acquire qualifications that will enable you to access the teaching profession in secondary schools, on the one hand; on the other hand, many other professional fields in extracurricular fields are also open to you, such as the fields of classical philosophy, publishing and journalism, library science, and the cultural field in general, or related activities.