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Hebräisch / Hebrew (Extended Examination)

Program: Hebräisch / Hebrew
Degree: Only extended examination possible
Program length: 3 semesters (90 ECTS points)
Start: Winter semester 


The study program of the "Hebräisch / Hebrew" subject in the Teaching at Secondary Schools program is oriented based on the requirements of the practice of teaching Hebrew in secondary schools.

The program engages with the teaching methodology knowledge and skills that are also acquired in other subjects and that are required for the teaching profession at secondary schools, and expands it with specialized knowledge in the biblical Hebrew language.

Major topics

The objective is the capability to develop instructional concepts that enable historical-analytical access to Hebrew, which is not part of the Indo-European linguistic family.

The language competency required for this comprises education in the diachronic development of Hebrew, as well as detailed analysis of biblical Hebrew original texts with a challenging linguistic level of difficulty in terms of content passages from poetry and prose.

The confidence in the syntax required for text interpretation and further skills in the areas of formation and punctuation and their didactic mediation are imparted.


The program qualifies students for academic work and for the socially responsible execution of the teaching profession based on the acquired expertise; that is, through knowledge, qualifications and perspectives.