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Semitistik / Semitic Studies (major subject in a combined bachelor’s degree)

Photo: Ruth Stadler-Weninger

Program: Semitistik / Semitic Studies
Degree: depends on the major chosen
Program option: major subject in a combined bachelor's degree
Study model: combined bachelor's degree
Program length: 6/8 semesters / 3/4 years (180/ 210 ECTS points) (depending on the combination)
Start: Winter semester


In the major subject “Semitic Studies”, you will study the languages and texts of the Semitic language families (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, the Neo-Aramaic languages). Learning two of these languages (including Arabic as the most important Semitic language) will form the basis for your studies, and this will be complemented by the completion of specialised modules on linguistic and philological methodology. Interdisciplinary contents also ensure compatibility with other linguistic disciplines and disciplines relating to the Middle East.


The major subject will qualify you for work in institutions and organisations that deal with the Middle East, e.g. museums, libraries, governmental and non-governmental internationally active organisations, publishing houses and academic institutions.

The choice of your major subject will decisively shape your professional qualifications profile. In conjunction with one or two minor subjects, your relevant work experience (e.g. internships, part-time jobs, voluntary work) and your personal skills, it will enable you to refine your profile and carve out your own individual array of career options.