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Katholische Religion und Kultur / Catholic Religion and Culture (minor subject in a combined bachelor’s degree)

Photo: Roman Kraft

Program: Katholische Religion und Kultur / Catholic Religion and Culture
Degree: depends on the major chosen
Program option: minor subject in a combined bachelor's degree
Study model: combined bachelor's degree
Program length: 6/8 semesters / 3/4 years (180/ 210 ECTS points) (depending on the combination)
Start: Winter and Summer semesters 


The minor subject will provide you with a university education in the various disciplines of Catholic theology and will teach you interpretation, analysis, action and communication skills due to the encyclopaedic character of the subject. This will be made possible by the introduction to different areas of theology (historical, biblical, systematic and practical theology). Alongside an introduction to biblical scholarship and systematic theology, your individual interests can be served. Basic modules will teach the subject specific requirements for academic work, which can be complemented by specialist perspectives in extension modules and applied in advanced modules. You can choose your own specialisation within the theological fields and can thus incorporate the course precisely into your individual combination of subjects.


In the course, you will acquire qualifications for the following fields: journalism, media professions, culture mediation, publishing, humanitarian aid, self-employed work in the pastoral and cultural sector (including support through life, grief counselling, wedding/funeral speaker), jobs in the Church, research, educational institutions.

A minor subject will help you to extend your professional qualifications profile, which is decisively shaped by the choice of your major subject. In conjunction with your major subject, your relevant work experience (e.g. internships, part-time jobs, voluntary work) and your personal skills, it will enable you to refine your profile and carve out your own individual array of career options.