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Sport / Physical Education (First State Examination/ Extended Examination)

Program: Sport / Physical Education  
Degree: First State Examination
Program length: 9 semesters / 4.5 years (240 ECTS points)


The subject of "Physical Education" in the Teaching in Secondary Schools program is oriented based on the requirements of the practice of teaching Physical Education in secondary schools.

The program imparts the subject and teaching-related principles for exercising the teaching profession at secondary schools and collects initial experiences in practical teaching in schools, following academic instruction.

The university education is directed to imparting knowledge, skills and capabilities from the theory of physical education and kinesiology, as well as the practice of athletics and movement. Building upon this, professional qualifications are acquired in order to analyze, plan, design and reflect educational processes in Physical Education in school and in movement-oriented school life.

The essential study goals in the subject of Physical Education include:

  • Expanding one's own movement experiences and one's own athletic ability, and being able to support this with scientific theories and methods;

Through fundamental movement topics such as playing, swinging, jumping, etc., through selected traditional sports and through current developments in culture of motion, future teachers will learn how movement, games and sports can be designed in the context of education for school.

Major topics

Beyond individual sports, the content of the subject of "Physical Education" considers the varied aspects of movement and sports culture and their constitutive structures. The subject matter of the program is comprised of the theory of sports science, as well as the practice of sports and movement, with integrated scientific and teaching methodological components.


The program qualifies students for academic work and for the socially responsible execution of the teaching profession based on the acquired expertise; that is, through knowledge, qualifications and perspectives.

If you should not wish to (directly) enter the teaching profession following your First State Examination, you have the option of beginning a Master program with this degree, for example. At Marburg, you can apply for the following two subsequent Master programs with a first degree in the teacher training program in Physical Education: