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Biodiversität und Naturschutz / Biodiversity and Conservation (Master of Science)

Program: Biodiversität und Naturschutz / Biodiversity and Conservation
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Program length: 2 years / 4 semesters (120 ECTS points)

The advanced Biodiversität und Naturschutz / Biodiversity and Conservation master's program educates you in anatomically, conservationally, ecologically and systematically aligned sub-fields of Biology. You are taught a broad spectrum of methodology, which includes the computer modeling of complex systems in addition to classical and molecular methods, for describing and analyzing phyla and species, including their ecology and endangerment status.

In the first year, you are taught fundamental knowledge with a discipline-specific and professionally qualifying character. The second year serves to deepen the specialized knowledge that has been acquired, and to incorporate it into the subject matter of the six-month master's thesis, ending with its submission. The program is research-oriented.

Major topics

Education is provided in an active, internationally acknowledged research environment, in which Conservation, Ecology, Mycology, Systematic Zoology, Evolution and Developmental Biology of Animals and Animal Physiology can be chosen as major topics of study.


The Marburg Biodiversität und Naturschutz / Biodiversity and Conservation program grants you well-founded, specialized knowledge in Biology, which is supplemented by the acquisition of professionally related additional competencies. Successful graduates are thereby qualified for a broad range of responsibilities:

research (universities, governmental research institutions, clinics and industry), work in zoos and botanical gardens, in associations and authorities, the creation of appraisals in landscape design, work in international institutions, in non-governmental organizations (NGO), and in conveying knowledge of biological contexts (media). With corresponding alignment, moving toward independent work is also possible. Successful completion of the master's program qualifies you for a doctorate.