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Biologie / Biology (Bachelor of Science)

Program: Biologie / Biology
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Program length: 6 semesters / 3 years (180 ECTS points)

The Biologie / Biology bachelor's program connects a broad fundamental education in biology with the option for independent and autonomous program design that allows for either early specialization, or the generalization of program content. In the first 2.5 semesters, a broad overview of the disciplines of biology are provided in obligatory core modules, along with basic knowledge of chemistry and physics. By the 6th semester, students expand on four biological specializations in subject modules of their choice. The program offers students the possibility of combining biological instruction modules with modules from other science and humanities departments, thereby lending the biology program a very personalized profile, which can be aligned toward practical experience and professional work, or the continuing master's programs.

Major topics

You can set your own personalized major topics during your program by selecting subject and supplementary modules. In doing so, it is possible to either combine modules from various subject areas or to concentrate on one of the four major research topics represented in the department: "Molecular and Cellular Biology of Microorganisms," "Molecular Cellular Biology and Plant Physiology," "Development and Physiology of Animals" and "Organismic Biology." This enables you to individually design your program. The profile modules are an interesting supplement which enable you to integrate offerings from other subjects into your program.


The Biologie / Biology bachelor's program imparts well-founded, fundamental knowledge in biology, which is selectively enriched and supplemented by scientific secondary subjects and the acquisition of professionally relevant additional competencies. Successful graduates are thereby qualified for professional fields related to biology in medical and biological research (clinics, industry) and for work in administrative offices or other institutions.