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Chemie / Chemistry (Master of Science)

Program: Chemie / Chemistry
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Program length: 2 years / 4 semesters (120 ECTS points)
Start: winter and summer semester

The master's in Chemie / Chemistry is based on the very broad range of subjects in Chemistry at Marburg: In addition to Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry and Biochemistry are represented in research and instruction at Marburg. The "design" of the M.Sc.-program allows all manner of students to individually assemble a program "of their own." The spectrum of possibility ranges from a classical, "graduate degree" study program to a strong specialization with extensive circumvention of the core disciplines. For example, a total of only 15 of 120 credit points must be completed in Inorganic, Organic or Physical Chemistry; 63 credit points can be acquired in freely chosen elective subjects, according to certain rules, while 12 credit points are allocated to non-chemistry modules and 30 to the master's thesis.

Major topics

  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Analytic Chemistry
  • Theoretical Chemistry
  • Material Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry


Although the "classical" degree of Chemistry graduates remains the doctorate, for which there are diverse opportunities at Marburg (e.g. principally also in the study of Pharmacy, medical research, Biology and Physics), it is also very possible to seek a position in industry or public service with a master's degree. 

  • Admission requirements

    Required university degree A professionally qualifying university degree, which is either:
    • a qualifying "Bachelor of Science" degree acquired at a university in the Federal Republic of Germany for a university program in Chemistry,
    • a comparable domestic or foreign first professionally qualifying university degree in Chemistry,
    • the second state examination in Pharmacy
    Certifications of program-specific knowledge and skills to be submitted prior to admission German skills:
    DSH 2
    Admission Mode Direct admission is granted with complete fulfillment of the admission requirements.
  • Who can answer questions?


    Please note that due to the current health situation related to the corona virus, all personal consultation hours are unfortunately cancelled until further notice.


    Technical questions about your application


    Content-related questions about the program

    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Tallarek
    Department of Chemistry
    Tel.: +49 6421/28 25727

    Office hours: Mon 11 AM - 12 PM (Central European Time) and by arrangement

    Formal questions about your application

    In case of formal questions about the application, please contact Master's Coordination with your application number (if available) at .

  • Application & Deadline